Photographer Becomes Famous Overnight For Amazing Cat Hats He Makes By Hand, Using Their Own Fur!


Well, talk about going green. These hats are made by a Japanese photographer, and he doesn’t use any man-made materials. Instead, he uses their own fur. He shapes and molds them to fit their tiny heads. It keeps them extra warm, and let’s face it…they look so cute with them on. And, the fact that they’re wearing their own fur as ‘fashion’ items, makes it even better!

A Japanese photographer who makes hats for his three cats out of their own fur is proving an internet hit


Ryo Yamazaki, who lives in Tokyo, is causing a sensation after making hats for his three Scottish Fold pet cats – which have folded ears – made from their own fur


He collects the fur after brushing his beloved moggies, called Nya, and eight-year-old grey tabby, Maru, a six-year-old white moggy and Mugi a one-year-old ginger cat


Mr Yamazaki has more than 41,000 followers on Instagram, with many praising him for his hat-making skills


Cats in hats fan Lelly Bee wrote: ‘Omigod! They’re brilliant. Love the wee skull caps on cats trying to be nonchalent’


Emily Harris wrote: ‘The hats are cool – but even more impressive is getting three cats to wear hats and stay still for a picture!’


Another fan of the project wrote Ann O’Malley wrote: ‘Somebody has time on his hands, huh??’


The British is one of the most popular pedigree cat in the UK and in other parts of the world



One of the cats lounging carelessly and looking chic in his beautiful white cap


A group of the kittens pictures wearing the hair hats as they stare out of a window


The hats are made from the hair of the cats and then carefully molded in the required shape


Not all the hats are the same shape and some take the appearance of a dome rather than a point


The three cats all seem quite content as they expertly model their innovative headwear


This cat appears a little less than impressed with his hat made with care by his owner


In this shot each cat is wearing a hat to made to match the colouring of their fur


Nothing tops these interesting little hats for kitties! Share with friends!

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