Tips & tricks for daily savings

October 30 is World Savings Day - and once again there are piggy banks, children's books, stuffed animals and other small gifts in bank branches. They are specifically intended to educate the little ones to save consciously.

But what is the significance of World Savings Day for you? In this article, we've turned the call to save into concrete tips & tricks for your everyday life.

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Saving requires discipline?

To a certain extent, this is absolutely true. However, there are numerous ways to put a euro or two aside without having to chastise yourself. The right motivation also plays an important role!

Saving is only a tiresome task if it involves a great deal of sacrifice. So it's best not to focus on what you're doing without, but on your goals and the wishes you want to fulfill later with the money you've saved. Save for something concrete - for example, for a great vacation, a new car or simply for a liquidity reserve that will make life easier for you in difficult times and save you from unnecessary worries.

 Formulate your goal and set specific intermediate goals. That way, you'll know exactly what you're putting up with minor restrictions for, and you can enjoy the anticipation intensely. This article presents tips that allow you to save money along the way.

Borrow instead of buy!

Many everyday items you need only for a limited time. This applies, for example, to books that you only want to read once, but sometimes also to more specialized utensils such as tools. If you buy all these things, you have two problems: You have to spend a lot of money and at the same time you have to store or resell the rarely needed things. If, on the other hand, you borrow the items, you can save and do not have to worry about unnecessary possessions.

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There are many things you can borrow in the traditional way - from books from the library to cars and tools. Lending and borrowing has become a real trend lately just like trading in exness web trading, and it involves a great many other items: Rental portals are bustling about on the Internet, and their local focus sometimes makes it possible to borrow more unusual paraphernalia. However, always pay attention to the general conditions here so that the rental transaction runs to the fullest satisfaction of all parties involved.

Reduce energy costs with a few tricks

Saving where it doesn't hurt is promising: then saving is especially easy. In the area of energy costs, many a euro can be saved without having to sit in a cold apartment or do without household appliances and consumer electronics. If you take the following tips into account, your energy requirements should be significantly reduced, depending on your previous behavior:

    Almost no one needs this: a clothes dryer in the summer, appliances constantly in stand-by mode, windows in the tilt position, a preheated oven for the simplest dishes, running water when brushing your teeth or soaping up in the shower, dishwashers and washing machines that are only partially filled, room temperatures that are too high, refrigerators that are too generously sized, and the like. 

    This helps to save energy: Replacing old power guzzlers with energy-efficient appliances, checking refrigerator seals and replacing them if necessary, programmable thermostats, low-flow showerheads, venting the heating system, wearing appropriately warm clothing at home in winter, showering more often instead of taking a bath, choosing a modern energy-efficient apartment, airing the apartment early in the morning and then darkening it in the summer instead of using air conditioning.

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