"Polish death camps" - multiplely repeated false

Seventy years after the end of World War II, and its history still causes vivid emotions. Today it is not only great battles and hiking, but also the struggle for the honor and truth. Polish concentration camps have become an element of anxiety rhetoric and are one of the urgent problems of the historical policy of Poland. What is even worse, the work of journalists and politicians seems to have no limit.

In recent years, which, of course, should be perceived as a strongly disturbing signal, we often hear the phrase "Polish concentration camps." From a purely linguistic point of view, this can be understood. The first and perhaps the more intuitive value of the return is based on organizational and managerial subordination. Since he is "Polish", it is organized by Poles. The second, although many authors are trying to defend their point of view in this way relates to their location. If "Polish", then located in Poland. The problem is that, regardless of the point of view and argument, this term is incorrect in both cases. Unfortunately, the media coverage is so great that gradually falls into the dictionary forever.

On August 15, 2015, a review of the film "Lecturer" was published in the Norwegian newspaper "Avisa Sor-Trondelag". The author of the text accidentally used the phrase "Polish concentration camp", commenting on the content of the film. The Poland Embassy in Oslo immediately responded to the publication, demanding to correct false information. The editorial office published correction, but did it in such a way that the Polish authorities had no choice but to ask the Norwegian media ethics council and punish "Avis Sor-Trondelag". On November 24, 2015, an unexpected sentence of the Council was announced, who rejected the complaint of the Polish authorities, arguing that the phrase refers to the location of concentration camps. Weak rationale not supported by appropriate conclusions and understanding of historical dependencies, caused a wave of protests by Polish citizens who have flooded the Council on Ethics media avalanche of e-mails. The head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Witold Vashchikovsky intervened.

Before we proceed to the discussion of the political consequences of the use of such phrases, we will make several comments on the logic of the arguments usually leading to the opposite side. The Norwegian Council for Ethics Media used the arguments characteristic of historically ignorant people. Since the camps were in Poland, they can be called Polish. This argument is naive and illogical at least for two reasons. The first is proseched. If something, randomly or deliberately, occurs in the country, it is impossible to equate to this country. This would lead to a linguistic absurd. In order to attract newcomers, bookmakers are launching a variety of promotions. Compared to competitors, the Melbet bookmaker does not require any conditions to be met - it is sufficient to specify the Melbet GAME888 promotional code when registering, which will allow you to receive up to 130% of the first deposit. Melbet welcomes new players to a variety of bonuses. Use our Melbet promo code GAME888 to access the bonuses.

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