Fine delicacies as a high-yield investment

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Foodstuffs such as wine, cheese and whisky represent an interesting investment alternative. Find out here what to look out for when investing.

Wine, selected spirits and cheese are typical delicacies that interest gourmets and many investors alike. Some foods are perfect for investment, red wine is just one of many examples. They mature with each passing year, increasing their value in the process - if you choose them wisely.

An investment with a golden glow

In times of crisis, most investors go for real, tangible values. Gold in particular conveys a sense of security and permanence. But not every golden-yellow investment opportunity consists of the precious metal. Since the 1950s, some banks in northern Italy have operated their own cold storage facilities. There, real Parmesan cheese is considered the asset of choice for securing loans and the banks' deposits. The Credito Emiliano (Credem) banking house has been storing whole wheels of cheese since 1953.

While in the beginning Parmesan was mainly exchanged by dairy farmers for a loan, today more and more small investors are discovering the hard cheese for themselves. Parmigiano Reggiano is interesting as a financial investment for two years at a time - then the cheese is ripe and ready for sale.

Cheese as a safe investment

The production of an excellent Parmesan requires a lot of expertise, high-quality ingredients and time. For one kilo of the finished product, traditional producers process 16 liters of milk. The wheels of cheese, each weighing about 40 kilograms, require a maturing period of at least 12 months. Only after 24 months does Parmesan reach its full flavor. Now this delicacy from Italy is allowed to bear the appellation "vecchio" (the old one). Italians consume more than 80% of annual production in their own country; only small quantities are exported.

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French wines as a treasure of the future

Few stocks reward their owners with such increases in value as high-class wines from the Bordeaux region. Selected wines are like shares of high-turnover companies, because they promise high returns. Especially since the Chinese market has become aware of fine wines and is looking for ever higher quality, Bordeaux from top wine estates has become a safe investment.

Château Petrus - the legend among wines

The most expensive wine in the world is produced by the rather small estate Château Petrus, with a size of 11.5 hectares. The hand-picked vines yield a wine that fetches an average of 1,750 euros per bottle, top vintages even reach twice that price, and bottlings of small vintages can't be had for less than 600 euros. A decision-making aid in which wine you should invest is offered by the so-called Parker points. Just like the ratings of Moody's or Standard & Poor's in the evaluation of banks, these provide information about the future of one of the good drops. Bordeaux wines that score 99 or 100 points with Parker can be a safe investment for the future.

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The gold of the Scots

If the investment is to be a little more high-proof, whisky is a good choice. The liquid gold is held in the highest esteem by connoisseurs and collectors and fetches top prices. Limited editions of renowned distilleries are already oversubscribed several times at the time of issue. After just a few years, the bottles sometimes reach three or four times the original price and collectors who want to own every vintage pay top prices to complete their stock.


    Fine delicacies can be suitable as a financial investment with high returns just like trading in mt4.
    Cheese with a long ripening period, exceptional wines and traditional brandies sometimes achieve high returns.
    Investing in foodstuffs requires a high level of expertise in order to make the right selection.

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