Vet’s Hilarious Explanations of 15 Common Cat Behaviors

Originally created by Adam Ellis, these illustrations were discovered  at a veterinarian’s cork board by somebody called ItsJayOrDan, and it’s quite clear that this vet has a great sense of humor. Some examples include: when you see your cat wiggling back and forth, you might believe that they’re about to pounce, but it’s actually because cats have satellite transmitters in their butts and must periodically re-calibrate to receive transmissions from their home planet. Likewise, when you see your cat rolling back and forth on the carpet, you might think it wants to play when in reality it’s probably just writhing in pain from eating some bad Thai food. Scroll down for more hilarious explanations on what is seemingly normal cat behavior. They might not be all that educational, but they’ll most are definitely entertaining. Be sure to vote on your favorites!

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