Paralyzed Kitten Runs Again!


An abandoned kitten was brought to a vet in New York with severely damaged legs but with the help of the staff we have a good news! The kitty has been given a second chance to walk again with a custom built Lego wheelchair.

They call him Mac, short for Mac n Cheez after being found in a recycled macaroni cheese box. “We put him on the ground and he just took off,” said Dr. Ned Horowitz. “He’s starting to slowly regain some use of his legs,” added Horowitz, “we took x-rays, and he’s on medication to hopefully help him. He’s eating well, he’s very playful, he’s affectionate.” He is currently being looked after by the staff at the veterinary hospital and will be put up for adoption when he’s healthy enough.

Mac has since been given his own dedicated Facebook page for fans to track his recovery, which includes swimming classes and physical therapy with tiny exercise balls.


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