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    Here are all the tricks and tips you need to know to buy lingerie and underwear for yourself or to make a very special gift, now that Christmas is here. Some recommendations that come from the hand of the top lingerie firm of the moment with a Christmas collection that will make you fall in love.

    If you still believe that what you do not see does not matter, you are very wrong. The lingerie is in one of its best moments, the fever fever invades the feminine closets and the fashion dictates that it takes to teach more than ever.

    If you are looking for quality and a different design, that until now you could only find on Pinterest or in beautiful fashion editorials that only allowed you to dream, we have found the lingerie brand that brings together all these qualities: we are talking about the German house Triumph . Lingerie in which to invest today, that you can afford, and that you can always carry. Here are some examples of what you can find in Triumph stores this Christmas for your New Year’s Eve lookor for a gift from Reyes or Santa Claus .

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    How to buy underwear: size

    The experts at Triumph advise us, first, to go to a store and ask the clerk about our size. She will take care of taking your measurements and specifying what your size is .

    What should I take into account to buy underwear?

    Innerwear in Australia

    -Make sure your bra stays in the middle of your back, if it’s higher or lower, you do not have the right bra .

    -If the straps fall off all the time it means that you must adjust them or that that size is too big for you.

    -If your bra leaves marks on your skin or you nail any part of the ring, you need another size urgently.

    -The bra should always be buckled in the last hitch.

    What kind of bra to buy: Push Up, Balcone

    e …

    Do you know which bra best fits the shape of your chest? The push up has fewer and fewer followers. Your choice depends on your needs, if you are looking to increase the volume on the top of the chest then you must choose balconette, if on the contrary you prefer to increase in half, your choice is plunge .

    What sports bra to buy

    It is a basic of your sporty wardrobe . Holding the chest correctly when playing sports is important either for health or for comfort. Each chest has a proper support. The female breast is composed mainly of adipose and glandular tissue, that is, there are no muscles that hold it, so a sports bra is essential so that all the weight does not fall on the torso.

    Tricks to buy the underwear that best suits your body

    – If you have very little chest opt ​​for triangle bras , they enhance and are super comfortable. In addition they also exist with filling, although we are in favor of which you accept as soon as possible what you have and enjoy the advantages of your chest.

    -To check that it is your correct size, put on the bra, raise your arms and turn your torso from one side to the other . If the bra is your size, it will not move.

    – The molding pieces are on the rise, work super well and are increasingly sensual.

    -Pay attention to the care of your lingerie. When it comes to washing it, you must take into account that you need special care .


    The lingerie is worn with lots of lace, many vintage pieces with high panties. The crop top returns with great force and the prints with flowers are also the most trendy .

    Do not forget the functional lingerie

    Not all are special sets, you should also take into account that in your day to day the underwear you use is simpler . Do not forget to renew these pieces every three or four months. Among the basics you can not miss a strapless bra and the classic cotton panties.

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