Man Turns His Home Into A Cat Playground Paradise


A man with 18 cats decided to take a plunge, and spend $35,000 to turn his home into a total cat playground. This cat paradise includes colorful ramps, walkways, and tunnels.

His house is located in Goleta, California. Specifically, the renovation included spiral walkways, tiny stairs to leading to various kitty ledges, and climbing poles that can also be used as scratching poles.

It doesn’t end there. He also installed a new ventilation system to regulate the air. This is a necessity when housing a lot of animals in a home.


Cat accoutrements: The unidentified cat lover, whose house is located in Goleta, California, added a spiral walkway, tiny stairs to leading to the kitty ledges and climbing polls that double as scratching posts.


Unassuming: Despite all the cat-friendly additions, the house looks surprisingly normal from the outside, with a pretty stone garden in the back, which is surrounded by palm trees.


Feline frenzy: In the entryway, a colorful cat painting decorates the wall. Above it is a mint green cat walkway leading to the next room


Hanging out: In an office, an entire wall is decorated with kitty walkways, running on slight inclines. A photo of the room shows four cats enjoying their designated spots
The cat’s meow: In one of the bathrooms, a tiny staircase leads from the side of the tub up to a network of ledges, forming a kitty-friendly path along the top of the room

Special space: And the master bedroom features ledges scattered on the walls, making an easy cat route to a mezzanine level above the closet.

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Via Daily Mail

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