28+ Cats That Are Going Totally Bonkers On Catnip

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It’s no myth that cats love catnip. So much so that they’re actually obsessed with it. No matter how much catnip you give cats, it’s never enough.

Catnip is a fragrant plant from the mint family, and the reason cats love it so much is because it works almost the same on cats as a hallucinogenic drug on humans.

Catnip contains an oil called “nepetalactone,” which stimulates a cat’s receptors to sense “pheromones.” By this, the cat can feel a sense of euphoria or overwhelming happiness.

Cats on catnip act pretty crazy. They would sit, rub, and roll on it or even chew or lick it. If you haven’t seen a cat on catnip before, scroll down below to find out what exactly happens.

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