20+ People Who Claimed They Didn’t Want A Cat

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There are only two types of people in this world…those who love cats and those who haven’t discovered their love for cats…yet

What is there not to like about cats? Their eyes are beautiful, they have soft squishy toe beans, you can pick them up and give them hugs and squeezes. Resisting their furry feline charm is much more difficult than you can possibly imagine. Sure there are those that say “I’m not a cat person” and “I don’t want a cat” and they might even mean it…nut that doesn’t mean a cat doesn’t want you, and once a cat chooses you there is no amount of resistance in the world to stop them from creeping into your life and stealing your heart.

Yes, they are purrfect. Don’t believe us? Proof is in the pudding, check out below for yourself! Be sure to vote on your favorites or add your own.

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