17 Surprising Ways Your Cat Tells You “I Love You”

Cats love humans more than they get credit for it. As soon as we bring them home, they become part of the family and learn the ways of family. Cats love their space but they also respect ours. And if you treat them well, they will show you how much they care in own peculiar ways. Their ways of showing love might be difficult for us to decipher but they’re not that mysterious after all. Here are few ways your cat might be showing love to you.

#1 He shows off his butt to youCat-Loves-You-1

Your lovely fur-ball might show you love by putting his furry little behind in your face. This behavior can be characterized as “a back-handed feline compliment.” When cats greet each other for the first time, they do so by sniffing each other in the faces and neck. This continues to each other’s sides and finally their hindquarters, beneath a raised tail. While your cat might not actually want you to sniff his butt, but his showing you is body means he trusts you.

#2 He rubs his entire face against youCat-Loves-You-2

Many cat owners interpret it as a sign of affection when their cats rub up against their legs and ankles. However, according to The New York Times, this means that you cat regards you as a non-hostile object. Vox reports this behavior as the way of cat to mark his or her territory. Either way, it’s their way of showing that they care.

#3 He slowly blinks his eyes at youCat-Loves-You-3

Slow blink is another way cats communicate with people they don’t feel threatened by. VetStreet reports that cat tells people they’re comfortable around them by this characteristic eye movement. A cat who slow blinks at you might be telling you that he doesn’t wanted to be petted by you, but this definitely means that they’re comfortable around you.

#4 He responds to all of your emotionsCat-Loves-You-4

BBC quoted a recent study to suggest that cats respond to humans according to their what they’re feeling. A cat might react differently to a smiling person than she would to a frowning person. For instance, if you’re smiling with positive behavior, your cat might want to get into your lap or rub against you. On the other hand, if you’re frowning, your cat would chose to stay away from you.

#5 He will knead your lap or legsCat-Loves-You-5

Most cats knead by pushing their paws in and out of their owners’ legs or lap. It might often get painful as the claws get involved but it’s a genuine sign from your cat that she loves you.

#6 He will treat you like a catCat-Loves-You-6

A National Geographic report has suggested that cats don’t socialize with humans any differently than they do with with other cats. Cats will use the same behavior to play with us that they have picked with cats. They put their tails straight up in the air, rub around our legs, and sit beside us as they groom themselves.  And if they’re doing any of that, it’s a true sign of their affection.

#7 You cat follows you aroundCat-Loves-You-7

If your cat truly loves she will follow you around, even at those times when we doesn’t really want them to be around. VetStreet reports that cat show affection by staying as close to their owners as possible. If you kitty is following she is probably saying that she loves you companionship. However, there’s still a possibility that she is trying to remind you that the food bowl is empty.

#8 He holds his own tail the right wayCat-Loves-You-8

National Geographic informs that your cats tail is a major indicator of how your cat might be feeling, however you have to take his whole body in account while judging what his tail is suggesting. A calm cat meaning a friendly greeting might hold his tail straight with the tip hooked. A cat might also hold his tail straight up and be in an aggressive mood. On the other hand, a fearful cat will hold his tail straight up and have it puffed out with his back arched out.


#9 Kitty purrs at the right time and placeCat-Loves-You-9

Wired reported that cats seem to purr because they’re pleased and feeling good. However, that might not be always true. They also purr when they’re hungry, injured or frightened. If your cat is lying in your lap and purring contentedly, that’s a decent sign that they’re saying, “I love you.”

#10 Kitty rolls around on his backCat-Loves-You-10

Spruce reported that if your cat wants your attention, she will roll around and expose her belly. This is certain signal that she trusts, however she might not always want you to rub it. Rolling around also helps your cat to spread his scent around your home. However, if you repeatedly see him stop, drop, and roll right in front of you, he’s probably telling you, “Pay attention to me!”

#11 He will lick your hand or faceCat-Loves-You-11

It doesn’t generally happen but cats also love to lick their owners’ hands, arms, toes, or even their faces. Animal Planet reports that when your cat is licking you, “she’s cleaning you up and claiming you — just as she would for a feline friend or litter mate.”

#12 He will head butt you


VetStreet calls this behavior bunting. It appears in domesticated cats and in their wild counterparts. The behavior signals your cat is marking you as safe. In a way, that signifies it’s a sign he trusts you.

#13 He will meow at youCat-Loves-You-13

A recent study by ASPCA has suggested that adult cats only meow at humans. A kitten meows at his mother to let her know he’s hungry or cold. But as soon as cats grow out of their kitten phase, they no longer meow at other cats, but at humans – probably because meowing gets them what they want. Your cat might like to meow at you to get your attention or to ask for food. Or just because he wants you to show him some affection.

#14 He will choose you over foodCat-Loves-You-14

Cats do love their humans more than they love their food. They would hardly mind if you limit their food. If your cat pays attention to you, and not just the food in your hand, that’s a sign that your kitty actually loves you.

#15 He chooses to sleep on your lapCat-Loves-You-15

Cats have a great reputation as champion nappers. They can sleep in any position you’d ever be able to imagine. However, your cat will check twice before sleeping at any place and make sure it’s safe. So when your cats chooses to sleep with you, over you, or around you, you should know she loves you.

#16 He will respond to the routines you create for himCat-Loves-You-16

Your kitty doesn’t react to you the same as your dog might. You’ll have to work you way to develop any kind of bond with your cat. This might start with creating a routine you repeat each time you come and go from your home. For instance, you can change water and put food for your cat before leaving the house and clean the litter box early in the morning. You might as well say goodbye and hello when you leave and return to the house. If your cats begins to respond to this routine, then you two are definitely bonding.

#17 Your kitty just acts like a catCat-Loves-You-17

Cats are the only creatures who change the least in the domestication process. They retain much of their natural behavior even after domestication, which means they still may not be totally dependent on humans, and indulge in their idiosyncratic behaviors because they know you will accept them for it. So if your cat behaves like a cat, that’s because they think they are still the wild creature they are and you, their wild companion. So relax a bit and give yourself and your cat a little space to be her true self.

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